18th Century Borrowing

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberBook NameProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
James Thomson Theology AP44.5Atterbury's Sermons vols 2 Dr Leechman 10 Jan 1760 4 Feb 1760 ViewAtterbury, Francis, 1662-1732. Sermons on several occasions Sp Coll Bl10-f.19,20 View
Allan Stewart Theology AP91 4Bourdelauxs Sermons vol. 1 2d Dr Leechman 10 Jan 1760 4 Feb 1760 ViewBourdaloue, Louis, 1632-1704. Sermons pour les dimanches  Sp Coll Bl1-l.8-11 View
William Donaldson Natural CS34Cudworth's Intellectual System Mr Buchanan 11 Jan 1760 29 Jan 1760 ViewCudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. The true intellectual system of the universe: the first part: wherein, all the reason and philosophy of Atheism is confuted; and its impossibility demonstrated Sp Coll Bl8-d.9 View
Walter McAlpine Theology AL51Graevius Cicero de officiis Mr Muirhead 11 Jan 1760 2 Feb 1760 ViewCicero, Marcus Tullius. M. Tullii Ciceronis Orationes ex recensione Ioannis Georgii Graevii cum ejusdem animadversionibus, et notis integris Francisci Hottomanni, Dionysii Lambini, Fulvii Ursini, Paulli Manutii ac selectis aliorum. Ut & Q. Asconio Pediano, & anonymo scholiaste ... Graevius, Joannes Georgius, 1632-1703. Sp Coll Bl5-i.5-10 View
John Maitland Theology AQ98 9 12Masselons Sermons vols 8.9.12 Dr Leechman 14 Jan 1760 29 Jan 1760 ViewMassillon, Jean Baptiste, 1663-1742. Oeuvres ... Sp Coll Bk9-l.16-28 View
Robert Muter Theology AI83Caesar in usum Delphini Dr Leechman 14 Jan 1760 4 Feb 1760 ViewCaesar, Julius. C. Julii Cæsaris quae exstant, / Interpretaione et notis illustravit Joannes Goduinus Professor Regius Jussu Christianissimi Regis in vsvm serenissimi Delphini.. Sp Coll Bm6-f.18 View
[blank] Theology A28[blank - entry appears on next line] n/a n/a n/a View
Alex.r Hutchison Theology A28Hutchesons Cyrypedeia Dr Leechman , Mr Muir , Mr Muirhead 14 Jan 1760 1 Feb 1760 ViewXenophon. Xenophontis De Cyri institutione libri octo. Graeca recognovit ... plurimis in locis emendavit, versionem Latinam reformavit, observationibus suis, tabula geographica, binisque dissertationibus praemissis auxit et illustravit; notas H. Stephani, Leunclavii, AE. Porti et Mureti recensitas et castigatas, variantium lectionum delectum, indicesque necessarios adjunxit Thomas Hutchinson, A.M. Hutchinson, Thomas. Sp Coll Bn10-g.16   View
Alex.r Gillies Theology AY2: 33: 4Memoires de L'Academie R. L. vol 2: 14 Dr Leechman , Dr Black , Mr Smith 14 Jan 1760 29 Jan 1760 ViewAcadémie royale des sciences et belles lettres (Berlin, Germany) Histoire de l'Académie royale des sciences et des belles lettres de Berlin : avec les mémoires pour la même année, tirez des registres de cette Académie. Sp Coll Ea5-c.2-14 View
Robert Cullen Moral S51Temple's works vol 1 Mr Muirhead 15 Jan 1760 31 Jan 1760 ViewTemple, William, Sir, 1628-1699. The works of Sir William Temple, Bart. : to which is prefixed, the life and character of the author. Sp Coll NP.7.12-15 View
Robert Cullen Moral AL109An Essay on the Dispute &c &c Mr Muirhead 15 Jan 1760 31 Jan 1760 View
Robert Cullen Moral AM82Wotton on Antient & modern Learning Mr Muirhead 19 Jan 1760 31 Jan 1760 ViewWotton, William, 1666-1727. Reflections upon ancient and modern learning.  Sp Coll Bh3-h.6 View
David Dunbar Theology L810Hutchesons System vol 2d Dr Simson , Dr Leechman , Mr Buchanan 15 Jan 1760 returned ViewHutcheson, Francis, 1694-1746. A system of moral philosophy, in three books ... To which is prefixed, some account of the life, writings, and character of the author by the Reverend William Leechman, D.D. Sp Coll Ea7-a.11-12 View

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