18th Century Borrowing

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberBook NameProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Jno Snodgrass Preacher AT819Robins Mathematic Tracts Dr Traill 2 Apr 1767 30 Apr 1767 ViewRobins, Benjamin, 1707-1751. Mathematical tracts of the late Benjamin Robins, Esq. ... Published by James Wilson, M.D. Sp Coll Bl2-g.6-7 View
Jno Snodgrass Preacher AH17Heylins Theological Lectures Dr Traill 2 Apr 1767 15 Apr 1767 ViewHeylyn, John. Theological lectures at Westminster-Abbey. With an interpretation of the four Gospels. To which are added, some select discourses upon the principal points of reveal'd religion Sp Coll Bm1-f.7 View
Dav: Forrester Ethic BV614Gullivers Travels Vol. 1st Dr Williamson 2 Apr 1767 3 Apr 1767 ViewSwift, Jonathan, 1667-1745. Travels into several remote nations of the world. : In four parts. / By Lemuel Gulliver, First a surgeon, and then a captain of several ships. Sp Coll Bk3-f.18-19 View
R. Auchencloss Ethic CO25Bacons Works Vol 1st Dr Reid , Mr Clow 3 Apr 1767 30 Apr 1767 ViewBacon, Francis, 1561-1626. The works of Francis Bacon ... With several additional pieces, never before printed in any edition of his works. To which is prefixed, a new life of the author, by Mr. Mallet. Sp Coll Bf71-f.15-17. View
Wil.m Gilmour Ethic AO71Cudworths immutable Moral Dr Reid 3 Apr 1767 8 Apr 1767 ViewCudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. A treatise concerning eternal and immutable morality. With a preface by ... Edward Bishop of Durham. Sp Coll Bk9-h.17   View
Jas Adam Logic AR47History of Denmark & Sweden Mr Cumin 3 Apr 1767 16 Apr 1767 ViewMolesworth, Robert, 1st Viscount, 1656-1725. An account of Denmark, as it was in the year 1692. Sp Coll Bl9-i.16 View
John McLiesh Ethic AE111Youngs Night thoughts Dr Reid 3 Apr 1767 16 Apr 1767 ViewYoung, Edward, 1683-1765. The complaint; or, night-thoughts on life, death, and immortality.  Sp Coll Bk3-e.1   View
Rob.t Caldwell Ethic AB417Hutchesons Moral Philo: Vol 2.d Dr Reid , Dr Williamson 3 Apr 1767 17 Apr 1767 ViewHutcheson, Francis, 1694-1746. A system of moral philosophy, in three books ... To which is prefixed, some account of the life, writings, and character of the author by the Reverend William Leechman, D.D. Sp Coll Ea7-a.11-12 View
William Boyd Ethic AH68Treatise on Agriculture Dr Williamson 3 Apr 1767 15 Apr 1767 ViewSociety of Improvers in the Knowledge of Agriculture in Scotland. A treatise concerning the manner of fallowing of ground, raising of grass-seeds, and training of lint and hemp, for the increase and improvement of the linnen-manufactories in Scotland Sp Coll Bk6-h.11 View
John Runceman Logic AR62Rapins History Vol 2.d Mr Clow 6 Apr 1767 16 Apr 1767 ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725. The history of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil]. Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18 View
Will: Taylor N. P. N63Wilkie's Epigoniad Mr Anderson 6 Apr 1767 16 Apr 1767 ViewWilkie, William. The Epigoniad: a poem in nine books Sp Coll Bl2-k.21   View
Henry Foote Ethic AS613A Collection of Tragedies Dr Williamson 6 Apr 1767 20 Apr 1767 Tragedies. View
Wade Robertson Divin AF57Leland on the Christ Reve Vol 2.d Dr Traill , Mr Anderson 6 Apr 1767 23 Apr 1767 ViewLeland, John, 1691-1766. The advantage and necessity of the Christian revelation, shewn from the state of religion in the antient heathen world... To which is prefixed, a preliminary discourse on natural and revealed religion Sp Coll Bl8-e.3,4 View
Jas Lapslie Logic AR54Gordons Tacitus Vol 2.d Dr Traill 6 Apr 1767 16 Apr 1767 ViewTacitus, Cornelius. The works of Tacitus ... [Translated by Thomas Gordon]. To which are prefixed, political discourses upon that author. Gordon, Thomas, -1750. Sp Coll Bi1-g.19-21 View
Allan Bogle Math. AE63Fieldins Miscellanies Vol 3.d Dr Williamson 6 Apr 1767 14 Apr 1767 ViewFielding, Henry, 1707-1754. Miscellanies. Sp Coll Bl10-f.5-7 View
Tho.s Brown Logic AI410Tactitus Vol 1st Mr Clow 6 Apr 1767 27 Apr 1767 ViewTacitus, Cornelius. Opera. Interpretatione perpetua et notis illustravit Julianus Pichon abbas ... in usum ... Delphini  Sp Coll Bn5-g.13-16 View
Tho.s Brown Logic AR55Gordon's Tacitus Vol 3.d Mr Clow 6 Apr 1767 27 Apr 1767 ViewTacitus, Cornelius. The works of Tacitus ... [Translated by Thomas Gordon]. To which are prefixed, political discourses upon that author. Gordon, Thomas, -1750. Sp Coll Bi1-g.19-21 View
Don McGilchrist Greek CD53Maundrels Journ to Jerusalem Mr Muirhead 6 Apr 1767 23 Apr 1767 ViewMaundrell, Henry, 1665-1701. A journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter, A.D. 1697. Sp Coll Bl3-i.21   View
Willm Taylor N. P AU49Monthly Review Vol 9 Mr Anderson 6 Apr 1767 7 May 1767 ViewMonthly Review The monthly review (London). Library Research Annexe Store Pm4691   View
Jas Ferguson Divin S617Lluyds Archæologia Brit: Mr Cumin , Dr Traill 6 Apr 1767 12 May 1767 ViewLhuyd, Edward, 1660-1709. Archaeologia britannica, giving some account additional to what has been hitherto publish'd, of the languages, histories and customs of the original inhabitants of Great Britain: from collections and observations in travels through Wales, Cornwal, Bas-Bretagne, Ireland and Scotland. Vol. 1, Glossography Sp Coll f243   View
James Couper Logic CC522Prideaux Life of Mahomet Mr Cumin 6 Apr 1767 16 Apr 1767 ViewPrideaux, Humphrey, 1648-1724. The true nature of imposture fully display'd in the life of Mahomet. With a discourse annex'd, for the vindicating of Christianity from this charge... / [Prideaux]. Sp Coll Bl5-f.16 View
Arch. Arthur Divinity AV34Lives of the Admirals Vol 4th Mr Cumin 6 Apr 1767 15 May 1767 ViewCampbell, John, 1708-1775. Lives of the admirals and other eminent British seamen. Containing their personal histories, and a detail of all their public services ... [And Continuation ... containing a new and accurate naval history, written under the inspection of Dr. Berkenhout]. Sp Coll Bm1-g.17-21 View
John Birnie Anat CC46Religious Philosopher Mr Clow 7 Apr 1767 28 Apr 1767 ViewNieuwentyt, Bernardus. The religious philosopher: or the right use of contemplating the works of the Creator ... Translated from the Low Dutch [by John Chamberlayne]. To which is prefix'd, a letter to the translator by the Reverend J.T. Desaguliers, LL.D. Sp Coll Bn8-h.8 View
William Gilmour Ethic J717Robertsons History Vol 2.d Mr Clow , Dr Reid 7 Apr 1767 16 Apr 1767 ViewRobertson, William, 1721-1793. The history of Scotland, during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI. till his accession to the crown of England. With a review of the Scotch history previous to that period; and an appendix containing original papers. Sp Coll Bh5-e.3-4 View
Robt Euing Greek S711Life of Cromwel Dr Traill 7 Apr 1767 16 Apr 1767 ViewPeck, Francis, 1692-1743. Memoirs of the life and actions of Oliver Cromwell: as delivered in three panegyrics of him, written in Latin: the first, as said, by Don Juan Roderiguez de Saa Meneses ... the second, as affirmed, by a certain Jesuit ... yet both, it is thought, composed by Mr. John Milton ... as was the third. With an English version of each. The whole illustrated with a large historical preface and notes ... To all which is added, a collection of divers curious historical pieces ... Adorned with the heads of Essex, Fairfax, Hampden, Lady Falconberg, the hand-writing, sign manual, and medals of O. Cromwell. Sp Coll Bl3-e.1   View
Robt Milller Logic AS41Gibbs short hand Mr Clow 7 Apr 1767 28 Apr 1767 ViewGibbs, Philip, active 1736. An historical account of compendious and swift writing. [With an Essay towards a farther improvement of shorthand] Sp Coll Bn2-i.7   View

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