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StudentClassPressShelfNumberBook NameProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
William Taylor Ethic AU415Monthly Review 1756. Dr Reid 17 Dec 1765 26 Dec 1766 ViewMonthly Review The monthly review (London). Library Research Annexe Store Pm4691   View
Barnett Makean Phy: AT74Monros Osteology Dr Williamson 17 Dec 1765 27 Dec 1765 ViewMonro Alexander, 1697-1767. The anatomy of the humane bones : To which are added, an anatomical treatise of the nerves; an account of the reciprocal motions of the heart ; and a description of the humane lacteal sac and duct. Sp Coll Bi9-h.11   View
Will.m Main Divinity Z68Hebrew Bible Vol 2d Mr Anderson 17 Dec 1765 8 Jan 1766 Hebrew Bible View
Charles Wilson Preacher BL26Corelli operum Vol 3d Dr Moor 17 Dec 1765 13 Jan 1766 Corelli View
Charles Wilson Preacher O36Geographia Blavianæ Vol. 6. Dr Moor 17 Dec 1765 15 Jan 1766 ViewBlaeuw, Joan. Geographia Blaviana...qua orbis terrae tabvlis ante ocvlos ponitvr, et descriptionibvs illvstratvr. 5 partes in 11 voll. Sp Coll k1-a.1-11 View
David Stevenson Nat. Phi A36Historiarum Livii Vol. 1st Mr Anderson 17 Dec 1765 21 Jan 1766 ViewLivy. Historiam ab urbe condita libri qui supersunt, omnes cum notis [variorum] ... curante Arn. Drakenborch, qui et suas annotationes adjecit. Accedunt supplementa deperditorum T. Livii librorum à Joh. Freinshemio concinnata. Drakenborch, Arnold, 1684-1748. Sp Coll Bn5-e.1-7 View
Samuel Hamilton Ethic AS41Gibbs Short hand Dr Moor , Mr Clow 18 Dec 1765 27 Dec 1765 ViewGibbs, Philip, active 1736. An historical account of compendious and swift writing. [With an Essay towards a farther improvement of shorthand] Sp Coll Bn2-i.7   View
John Mason Logic CF37Turretini Opera Vol 1st Mr Clow , Dr Traill 18 Dec 1765 2 Jan 1766 ViewTurrettini, François, 1623-1687. Institutio theologiae elencticae  Sp Coll Bn10-g.11-13 View
Samuel Clarke Ethic CT49Clarke on the being V. of God Mr Clow 18 Dec 1765 2 Jan 1766 ViewClarke, Samuel, 1675-1729. A discourse concerning the being and attributes of God, the obligations of natural religion, and the truth and certainty of the Christian revelation. In answer to Mr. Hobbs, Spinoza, the author of The Oracles of Reason, and other deniers of natural and revealed religion. : Being sixteen sermons, preach'd in the cathedral-church of St. Paul, in the years 1704, and 1705, at the lecture founded by the honourable Robert Boyle, Esq.  Sp Coll RB 3330 View
Hugh Niven Greek CQ516Quintus Curtius Dr Moor 18 Dec 1765 24 Dec 1765 Curtius Rufus, Quintus. View
Will. Crichton Greek CF420Ditton on the Resurection Mr Clow 18 Dec 1765 7 Jan 1766 ViewDitton, Humphry, 1675-1715. A discourse concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In three parts  Sp Coll Bi8-h.17   View
Gilbert Mathewson Ethic AO73Hutcheson on the Passions Dr Reid 18 Dec 1765 3 Jan 1766 ViewHutcheson, Francis, 1694-1746. An essay on the nature and conduct of the passions and affections. With illustrations on the moral sense. Sp Coll 985   View
James Morrison Nat: X65Livii Historia Dr Reid , Mr Anderson 19 Dec 1765 7 Jan 1766 Livy View
Ja: Wright Preacher O52Hammonds Paraphrase Mr Clow 19 Dec 1765 6 Mar 1766 ViewHammond, Henry, 1605-1660. A paraphrase and annotations upon the books of the Psalms, briefly explaining the difficulties thereof. Sp Coll Bh9-d.12 View
Ja: Wright Preacher AS618Clarks Church Catechism Mr Clow 19 Dec 1765 6 Mar 1766 ViewClarke, Samuel, 1675-1729. An exposition of the Church-Catechism ... Sp Coll Bk2-i.11   View
Alexr Murphy Ethic AP68Clarkes Sermons Vol 1st Dr Reid 20 Dec 1765 20 Jan 1766 ViewClarke, Samuel, 1675-1729. Sermons ... published from the author's manuscript, by John Clarke, D.D. ... Sp Coll Bk2-i.1-10 View
Ja: Lawson Ethic AI38Cicero Orator Vol. 2d Dr Reid 20 Dec 1765 13 Jan 1766 ViewCicero, Marcus Tullius. Orationes interpretatione et notis illustravit P. Carolus de Merouville ... ad usum ... Delphini Merouville, Charles. Sp Coll Bn5-g.1-3 View
W Irvine Medicine BA22La figure de la terre par Boguer Dr Black 20 Dec 1765 3 Jan 1766 ViewBouguer, Pierre, 1698-1758. La figure de la terre, déterminée par les observations de Messieurs Bouguer, et De la Condamine, envoyés ... au Pérou, pour observer aux environs de l'équateur. Avec une relation abregée de ce voyage ... Sp Coll Bn1-e.10   View
Robt Henry Divinity AP72Hebrew Bible Vol. 1.st Mr Clow 20 Dec 1765 15 Jan 1766 ViewArias Montano, Benito, 1527-1598. Biblia Sacra Hebraice, Chaldaice, Græce, & Latine : Philippi II. Reg. Cathol. pietate, et stvdio ad Sacrosanctæ Ecclesiæ / vsvm Christoph. Plantinvs excvd. Antverpiæ.. Sp Coll Bm6-a.1-5 View
W Irvine Medicine BA21Voyage au Nord Dr Black 20 Dec 1765 3 Jan 1766 ViewOuthier, Regnauld. Journal d'un voyage au Nord en 1736 et 1737 Sp Coll Bm6-f.19   View
John Tilloch Greek CC515History of the Turks  Mr Muirhead 23 Dec 1765 14 Jan 1766 ViewJones, D. (David), active 1676-1720. A compleat history of the Turks, from their origin in the year 755 to the year 1718 ... Collected not only from the best European, but also from Oriental authors, never hitherto published in English. Sp Coll Bi2-h.1-4 View
William Taylor Ethic Stat. Hall[blank][blank]Wallace on populousness &c Mr Clow 23 Dec 1765 14 Jan 1766 ViewWallace, Robert, D.D. A dissertation on the numbers of mankind in antient and modern times: in which the populousness of antiquity is maintained. With an appendix, containing additional observations ... and some remarks on Mr. Hume's political discourse, Of the populousness of antient nations Sp Coll Bl9-g.9   View
William Kinnaird Ethic G77Lockes Works Vol 3.d Dr Reid , Mr Clow 23 Dec 1765 7 Jan 1766 ViewLocke, John, 1632-1704. ... Works. In three volumes... With alphabetical tables / [Locke]. Sp Coll Bl10-d.15-17 View

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