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StudentClassPressShelfNumberBook NameProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
W: Windham Logic P85Notitia Orbis Antiqui Mr Anderson 1 Oct 1766 3 Dec 1766 ViewCellarius, Christoph, 1638-1707. Notitia orbis antiqui, sive geographia plenior ... Christophorus Cellarius ex vetustis probatisque monimentis collegit, et novis tabulis geographicis ... illustravit ... Sp Coll Bm5-f.20 View
W: Windham Logic BY54Phillipi Cluveri 3 Vols Mr Anderson 1 Oct 1766 26 Nov 1766 ViewClüver, Philipp, 1580-1622.  Philippi Cluveri Italia antiqua ... Eiusdem Sicilia, Sardinia et Corsica ... Sp Coll f358-360 View
J Simpson Divin G77Locks Works Vol 3d Dr Traill 1 Oct 1766 11 Dec 1766 ViewLocke, John, 1632-1704. ... Works. In three volumes... With alphabetical tables / [Locke]. Sp Coll Bl10-d.15-17 View
John Gillies Law AR515Bossuets Introd: to History Principall [sic] 1 Oct 1766 5 Dec 1766 ViewBossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704. [Bp of Meaux] A discourse on the history of the whole world, : dedicated to His Royal Highness the Dauphin. And explicating the continuance of religion with the changes of states and empires; from the Creation till the reign of Charles the Great (London, [1686]) Sp Coll Bi3-k.5   View
Tim.y Kirby Medicine BA31Boerhaaves Chymistry [blank] 8 Oct 1766 28 Oct 1766 ViewBoerhaave, Herman, 1668-1738. Elementa chemiae ... Vol.1 Sp Coll Ea6-b.5 View
Will..m Burnside Greek BA91Simsons Conic Sections Dr Wight 8 Oct 1766 24 Oct 1766 ViewSimson, Robert, 1687-1768. Sectionum conicarum libri quinque. / Auctore Roberto Simson, M.D. In Academia Glasguensi Matheseos Professore.. Sp Coll Bn8-g.3   View
Wm Trail Divinity P65Diophantus [blank] 8 Oct 1766 10 Oct 1766 ViewDiophantus, of Alexandria. Arithmeticorum libri sex, et de numeris multangulis liber unus. Nunc primùm Graecè et Latinè editi, atque absolutissimis commentariis illustrati; auctore Claudio Gaspare Bacheto ... Sp Coll Bh4-c.9 View
Geo. Davidson Greek AE123Life of Peter Wilkins 2 Vols Dr Traill 8 Oct 1766 4 Nov 1766 ViewPaltoch, Robert. The life and adventures of Peter Wilkins, a Cornish man: relating particularly, his shipwreck near the South Pole; his wonderful passage thro' a subterraneous cavern into a kind of new world; his there meeting with a gawry or flying woman ...By R.S. a passenger in the Hector. Sp Coll Bk1-k.15-16 View
J Simpson Divinity AP94Sermons de Boudaloue Vol 2d Dr Reid 13 Oct 1766 12 Dec 1766 ViewBourdaloue, Louis, 1632-1704. Sermons pour les dimanches  Sp Coll Bl1-l.8-11 View
William Boyd Ethic J72Humes History Vol 1st Dr Reid , Mr Anderson , Mr Clow 13 Oct 1766 27 Nov 1766 ViewHume, David, 1711-1776. The history of Great Britain,[1603-1689] ... Sp Coll Bh1-e.5-6 View
Henry Foot Ethic AB416Hutchesons' System Vol 1st Dr Reid , Mr Anderson , Mr Clow 13 Oct 1766 27 Oct 1766 ViewHutcheson, Francis, 1694-1746. A system of moral philosophy, in three books ... To which is prefixed, some account of the life, writings, and character of the author by the Reverend William Leechman, D.D. Sp Coll Ea7-a.11-12 View
Alexr Chalmers Greek CC25Scots Warriors Mr Muirhead , Mr Clow 15 Oct 1766 31 Oct 1766 ViewAbercromby, Patrick, 1656-1716? The martial atchievements of the Scots nation ... Sp Coll Bo2-h.19-21 View
Wm Burnside Logic AQ620Salmons Geography Mr Muirhead 18 Oct 1766 30 Oct 1766 ViewSalmon, Thomas, 1679-1767. A new geographical and historical grammar ... Illustrated with a set of twenty-two new maps ... Sp Coll Bk9-g.4 View
Wm Burnside Logic N62Angels Short hand Mr Muirhead 18 Oct 1766 30 Oct 1766 ViewAngell, John, -1764. Stenography : or shorthand improved... Sp Coll Bl2-k.22   View
Rob..t Tait Greek [blank][blank][blank]Universal History Vol 11.th Dr Reid 18 Oct 1766 24 Oct 1766 ViewUniversal History. An universal history, from the earliest account of time. Compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c. with a general index to the whole. Sp Coll Bl10-f.22-24; Sp Coll Bl10-g.1-17 View
Rob.t Duncan Logic CR14Xenophon Dr Reid , Mr Millar 18 Oct 1766 3 Nov 1766 ViewXenophon. [Omnia quae extant opera interprete Lewenklajo, cum annotationibus ejusdem]  Sp Coll Bk8-e.12   View
Andrew Thomson M. P. B101Xenophon Vol. 1. Dr Reid 18 Oct 1766 7 Nov 1766 ViewXenophon. ... Opera quae extant omnia; unà cum chronologiâa Xenophonteâ cl. Dodwelli, et quatuor tabulis geographicis. [Edidit Eduardus Wells] / [Xenophon]. Wells, Edward, 1667-1727. Sp Coll Bi2-g.19-23 View
Andrew Thomson M. P. AB46Simsons Euclid Dr Reid 18 Oct 1766 7 Nov 1766 ViewEuclid. The Elements of Euclid, : viz. the first six books, together with the eleventh and twelfth. In this edition, the errors, by which Theon, or others, have long ago vitiated these books, are corrected, and some of Euclid's Demonstrations are restored. Simson, Robert, 1687-1768. Sp Coll Bh10-e.13 View
John Wright Divinity T4[blank]Form of process Mr Muirhead 18 Oct 1766 20 Nov 1766 ViewLouthian, John. The form of process before the Court of Justiciary in Scotland; in two books ... together with an appendix ... Sp Coll Bk10-g.15   View
John Wright Divinity Q811Diodatis Bible Dr Traill 18 Oct 1766 20 Nov 1766 ViewDiodati, Giovanni, 1576-1649. La Bibbia cioè, i libri del Vecchio, e del Nuovo Testamento. Nuouamente traslatati in lingua Italiana, da Giovanni Diodati. Sp Coll Bk5-e.14 View
John Wright Divinity AU55Newtons System of ye world Mr Muirhead 18 Oct 1766 20 Nov 1766 ViewNewton, Isaac, Sir, 1642-1727. A treatise of the system of the world. Translated into English. Sp Coll Bk1-h.24   View
John Wright Divinity BA11Newtons Chronology Mr Cumin 18 Oct 1766 20 Nov 1766 ViewNewton, Isaac, Sir, 1642-1727. The chronology of ancient kingdoms amended. To which is prefix'd a short chronicle from the first memory of things in Europe, to the conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great. Sp Coll Bm8-f.13   View
John Wright Divinity Q68Crawfords Peerage Mr Cumin 18 Oct 1766 20 Nov 1766 ViewCrawfurd, George, -1748. The peerage of Scotland : containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom Sp Coll Bh4-d.5  View
John Scales Divinity BO39Caves Lives of ye Apostles Dr Reid , Mr Muirhead 18 Oct 1766 29 Oct 1766 ViewCave, William, 1637-1713. Apostolici: or, the lives, acts, death, and martyrdoms of those who were contemporary with, or immediately succeeded the apostles. As also the most eminient of the primitive Fathers for the first three hundred years. To which is added, a Chronology of the three first ages of the church. Sp Coll bk8-e.2 View
Jas Forlong Ethic AE1110Peregrine Pickle Vol 2d Dr Reid 18 Oct 1766 7 Nov 1766 Smollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771. The adventures of Peregrine Pickle View
Hen: Stevenson Divin: L513Horsley's Brittania Rom: Mr Cumin 18 Oct 1766 17 Nov 1766 ViewHorsley, John. Britannia Romana; or the Roman antiquities of Britain; in three books ... illustrated with above an hundred ... plates  Sp Coll Bh10-c.1   View

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